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Rosa Kwir donations

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Hey Sweet Alex

Hope you had a dreamy night with good sleep and woke up well.

So for the project I would love it if you can donate some personal belongings whether physical or digital or both ( its nice to also have physical objects especially if this archive starts to exist in a

physical space.)

These personal belongings should “celebrate who u are / objects that make u feel comfortable, they could be anything like photographs from childhood / teen Years / written material (texts / poetry / love letters / diary entries…) drawings, clothing / legal documents, or any other item that I haven’t managed to list here. Fidejk!!

Whatever you decide to donate I would love to have a small description of why you got to choose these items, and what they mean to you.

And some questions around masculinity.. I’d like this to evolve in a longer conversation but here are two questions to start us off (we can continue this over lunch next week )

Do you think that it is important for us to challenge, and change aspects of masculinity that are problematic?

What does masculinity mean to you ?

Best wishes



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I believe that challenging the idea of masculinity should be a collective exercise from everyone in society. What is masculinity? What is femininity? What is toxic masculinity and what are the effects of toxic masculinity? These questons should be collectively asked and discussed but also, discussions should be followed with concrete change in every day life. 

-Top surgery deposit receipt
The top surgery deposit receipt has a huge emotional significance for me. It means freedom and control over one’s life. A friend of mine accompanied me to consult two different surgeons because I wanted to compare their results and chose the best one. I made my decision in December 2016, paid the deposit and set a date for the opera6on, the 30th of March 2017. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever took in my life till now.

My plan for 2015 was to leave my work and travel for some months in different countries but I mostly wanted to visit Palestine because I was interested, and still am, in the Palestinian struggle for liberation.
The first step towards this plan was that I left my job. Soon aMer I felt a sense of liberation so I shaved my hair and started wearing the clothes I always wanted to wear. The more 6me passed the more I started to feel that I needed to work on that something inside me that was not right, that caused me a lot of anger and instability for the previous 25 years. Cuttng my hair and changing my clothes was of course not enough and for the first 6me in my life I gave 6me to myself to question who I was and why I felt like a boy since I was liSle. I needed professional help so I started going to the Rainbow Support Services of MGRM and they guided me through my questions and uncertainty.
I had to cut short the therapy because I had my tickets ready for Palestine. While in Palestine, I was extremely anxious and always on the verge of a panic aSack. I used to wake up and go to bed thinking about myself, my body and who I truly was. I remember very clearly, going in front of the mirror and ask myself, who are you? In those moments I used to go back to bed, open the laptop and make research about being trans and some6mes I wrote poems, like the one in the exhibition.

-Testosterone box
Testosterone was an amazing journey. My first shot was on the 5th of July 2016. After few weeks I started noticing physical changes like increased body hair and change in voice. It has been a wonderful experience.

-Abanderado t-shirt
The Maltese inside me loves Abanderado underwear and I really started enjoying them after my top surgery. Now I can enjoy the full experience of being an overweight Maltese man 😊