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Re: ROSA KWIR – Your thoughts on Masculinity and cars

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Elisa Sciberras


What Masculinity means to me

I believe that masculinity has no gender. Masculinity doesn’t belong to men and isn’t tied to a single type of identity. For me personally it’s the way I feel comfortable presenting myself externally. I feel more comfortable presenting myself wearing masculine clothing. When I wear masculine clothing I feel like I’m silencing those men who still think that masculinity, along with strength and superiority, are exclusively male traits.

I grew up playing with old toy cars that my grandpa collected. I was never held back from playing with toys that are stereotypically for boys. I used to feel embarrassed for playing with toys at school that boys usually played with since other girls were into more “girlish” toys. I felt like I had to act a certain way to fit in with other girls. When I played at my grandpa’s house with the toy cars I felt a sense of freedom and comfort. As kids we are fully aware of the gendered messages we are receiving and the pressure of acting a certain way really got to me.

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Hello Elisa

Good morning =) following up from our previous meetings and chats I was wondering whether you could talk to me a bit about what masculinity means to you, as well as tell me a bit more about your choice of donations to the archive , I am intrigued to know more about your grandad’s old toy car collection, and your relation to the 🚘 🚙 when growing up.

Looking forward to your reply

Good Friday to you =)