One of these cards was given to me by two very close friends , it was my first Christmas card that had my new name on it, this card has remained very precious to me.

Then there are two other  birthday cards one from my best friend and one from a close friend which I like because both of them refer to me as brother in the cards. When there is a person who tells you something like ‘at first I had a sister and now I have a brother’ it is something special honestly. 

And for example on one of the cards there is the Trans flag and also my worship song, “I am who you say I am” – a song which we sing together as a group, which is nice. Then there is also written #ftm. Examples like these make me feel so lucky to have had such the support of such amazing friends throughout this journey.

There is an other card from a person who has been there for me a lot. She accepted me into her life as I am, without any judgment. She told me that even though I have changed my name, clothing, and look more masculine, as well as maybe having facial hair, it doesn’t mean that I have changed my character, or I changed completely who I am. My character has remained the same. Even though I have changed a couple of things, the Jamie I was back then is still the same Jamie today. 


I was given this ticket when I took my first T-shot. A day that I will never forget – 27 – 11 – 2020, this date is imprinted in my head. 


That perfume… my girlfriend gave me. Because honestly she saw me transition from who I was then to who I am now. She was one of those people who accepted me for who I am without any prejudices. And that perfume means a lot to me, because before I used to use perfumes but they were not mine but my dad’s, and you always wish to have your own property at the end of the day. So for Christmas my girlfriend gave me my first perfume for men. 007, that is, and I didn’t expect it. It was something nice, the first perfume I received basically, that was meant for a man and it was from a very special person. The perfume is empty, but I still have it. I kept it for the fact that it was my first ever perfume.