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The first question i will answer it with:
1. Yes definitely, i think that there is many problematic aspect regarding masculinity. Firstly I would like to emphasise on Cisgender men that bully other cis men for not being “masculine enough” they bully them by their appearance, race, orientation, by their voice Or even on how growth their genitals is. Believe it or not Cisgender man bully each other too on a lot more aspect but regarding our topic.. i found personally myself cis man that try to bully me or to look “manly” themselves by throwing hate speech and even hateful verbal language towards me as a trans guy.

2. For me the word masculine means more than 1 thing. I can open alot about this term. Firstly being masculine is not that big bulky muscled man with a big thick beard we always see on the media. You can be a woman and be masculine. A man can be masculine and be lean with no beard growth at all. He can even wear soft fragrance and ANY clothes. He can paint his nails and be masculine. I want to point out that even clothes haven’t got a gender. Masculine is on how you define or see your body not as how you look or how the media brings it.
Masculinity is what you make it. Its not the same for everybody 🙂

– Leon Bonnici


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Hello Leon

How are you doing ?

I am back on the island, maybe we can meet sometime next week if you are free?

In the meantime thought I’d ask you some questions on masculinity just two and we can see where the conversation takes us

1. Do you think that it is important for us to challenge, and change aspects of masculinity that are problematic?

2. What does masculinity mean to you?

Thank you and wishing you a good eve, say hello to Breeann too