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Re: Rosa Kwir chat with Mikela

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Hey Mik
Hope you’re doing well and birthday celebrations are as sexy as you are =)

Issma, I’m writing in regards to Rosa Kwir, would you be able to send me some captions for the childhood images you had sent me for the digital archive please?

As for the captions, they’re all taken at my Nanna’s house, where I mostly grew up – but as you can see my mother always respected the way I would want to dress whether it’s more on the feminine side or being a little tomboy. We all knew I was a little baby gay back then haha 🙂

And also are there any physical objects that you might like to donate for the physical archive.

And one last thing I’d like to ask you a couple of questions, if you have some time to answer these would be great=)

How do you identify your gender to yourself or to other people?

I identify as she/they, and I’m comfortable with both pronouns.

Tell me a bit about your non-binary experience

I identify as a woman, but also as non-binary – especially when I lean more to masc presenting. I don’t feel like she/her represents me fully but I’m not detached from my womanhood either.

Do you think that it is important for us to challenge, and change aspects of masculinity that are problematic?

Definitely. Toxic masculinity and fragile masculinity are the roots of all problems. People should embrace whatever side they prefer to present, without harming others.

What does masculinity mean to you?

For me masculinity is feeling comfortable in my own body and the clothes I wear. I shouldn’t conform to femininity just because I’m afab. A lot of people confuse masculinity with the person being transgender, and that’s not always the case. I am fully in touch with both my sides, although I’m a raging (mostly masc presenting) lesbian.