Video game: I love video games, I love shooting things, along with a good story as well. Been playing since I was 7. Video games create an immersive environment that is unlike anything else, and they’re just fun to play. For me the two most important aspects of a game is its gameplay and storytelling. My most favourite video games are Alice Madness Returns and Little Nightmares 2. Unfortunately women who play these types of games seem to be a rare breed and I was always jealous of the boys who always had someone to play multiplayer with them and talk about video games.

Medal: I got this from a Pembroke race. I loved sports as a child and adolescent, particularly Badminton. I don’t play sports anymore but I’m adventurous.

Rock from Mount Etna and collection of items: As I said I’m adventurous. As a child I loved climbing trees. I like going to hard to reach places and places where I’m technically not supposed to go. And if I find something I like, like a seashell or a nice rock I’ll collect it. So far my holidays consisted of guided tours and tourist hotspots, but in the future I hope to explore more places off the beaten track.

Picture 2 of me with the shark: I’ve always liked horrible and morbid things, because I’ve found that they make me braver and more resilient. It’s hard to find a good horror movie sometimes, but I also love post-apocalyptic, black humour, and unexpected philosophical and scary moments.

Picture 1: See that weird bit of hair? That’s from when I tried to cut my fringe because I hated it distracting me. It didn’t turn out so well haha. My entire life I never liked my long hair. I found it distracting, frizzy and plain. At the time I wanted my hair cut short like a boy but I didn’t dare mention it. So it was always a dream of mine to cut my hair short.

Hair gel: I got it from the men’s section. Used it to keep my short hair in place. Then I figured out how to style it right with just water. But I’m not going to lie it felt cool using men’s hair gel. 

Shirt: I have a bunch of shirts like these. They make me feel so masculine and smartly-dressed. I actually did get some of them from the men’s section as well.